Outsourced Sales Management

Client Profile

  • Too small to afford a full-time Sales Manager but need one
  • Little/no marketing resources
  • Some Customer Service/inside Sales
  • Desire to build a scalable sales organization

Current Options

Before there was Focus, Owners/Presidents were stuck with the following options:

Hire a full-time Sales Manager.
  • Cost: $8,000-$10,000/month.
  • Not enough sales people and work for a full-time Sales Manager.
Hire a General Manager to run multiple departments including sales.
  • Often General Managers are hired for their industry and/or operational background.
  • Do they have the skills and experience to lead sales?
Have best sales person become Sales Manager.
  • Ask any Canadian if Wayne Gretzky was a good coach.
  • Why take your best scorer off the ice and put them in a suit behind the bench?
  • And if the new Sales Manager is also selling, there is a conflict to interest.
Owner does it. He/She builds, hires, and runs sales team.
  • Owner may not have the time, skill, and/or desire to do this role.
  • Owner may struggle to execute consistently.
Owner hires other companies to provide individual services such as CRM implementation, training, recruitment, strategy, etc.
  • While each service may be excellent, it’s a splintered approach. Nothing is integrated.
  • It leaves the owner as monkey in the middle still (and we know how that turns out).
  • Any training, on anything, done once, fails.
Sales Management by committee. You do sales meetings, Bob does CRM, Sue does metrics.
  • Everyone involved has a full-time job.
  • Invariably, it won’t get done sustainably.
  • Don’t assume these people have the skill.

Our Solution

Hire Focus as your Sales Management Department to redesign, rebuild, and run all areas of your sales organization.

From Day 1 and ongoing, Focus takes responsibility to Add (+); Subtract (); Change (); or Leave as is () for the following areas of your sales organization:

NOTE: Focus is not responsible for product, price, and promotion but will be a resource. Your Focus team is also not typically customer-facing.

How We Work

Each client is assigned three ongoing resources – a VP, Sales Strategy, a Sales Manager, and a Sales Engineer.


VP, Sales Strategy

  • Drive core sales strategy and sales plan
  • Ongoing leadership, strategy, and coaching
  • Management reviews


  • Build, manage, support, and train all tools, templates, and CRM
  • Lead reporting
  • Build and manage targets and metrics.


  • Drive all day to day direction, coaching, motivation of sales team.
  • Lead sales meetings, 1on1’s, management reviews
  • Adjust strategy, structure and tools as needed.
  • Ongoing resource to Leadership.


While there are a few different a la carte items (e.g. New CRM Implementation, Recruitment), Focus’ main salary is:

  • On Average: $1500/Sales Rep/month (tiered pricing based on # of sales reps)