Develop Your Sales Manager

Client Profile

  • New, inexperienced Sales Manager, who may be selling and/or running other departments
  • Some marketing resources
  • Some Customer Service/inside Sales
  • Desire to build a scalable sales organization AND to develop current Sales Manager

Current Options

Before there was Focus, Owners/Presidents were stuck with the following options:

Send them to a “Manager Training” course.
  • While all training is valuable, any training, done once, tends not to stick.
  • The course is only touching the “human” side of Sales Management without considering process, metrics, technology, etc.
Owner coaches Sales Manager.
  • Owner may not have the time, skill, and/or desire to do this role.
  • Owner may struggle to execute consistently.
Owner hires other companies to provide individual services such as CRM implementation, training, recruitment, and strategy.
  • While each service may be excellent, it’s a splintered approach. Nothing is integrated.
  • It leaves an inexperienced Sales Manager – who may also be selling – as monkey in the middle still (and we know how that turns out).

Our Solution

Hire Focus as your Co-Sales Management Department to work alongside your current Sale Manager in a teaching/phased approach to redesign, rebuild, and run all areas of your sales organization.

From Day 1 and ongoing, Focus and the Sales Manager will work together to Add (+); Subtract (); Change (); or Leave as is () for the following areas of your sales organization:

NOTE: Focus is not responsible for product, price and promotion but will be a resource. Your Focus team is also not typically customer-facing.

How We Work

Each client is assigned three ongoing resources – a VP, Sales Strategy, a Sales Manager, and a Sales Engineer to work alongside your Sales Manager and Leadership as follows:


VP, Sales Strategy

  • Drive core sales strategy and sales plan
  • Ongoing leadership, strategy, and coaching
  • Management reviews


  • Build, manage, support, and train all tools, templates, and CRM
  • Support reporting
  • Build, manage, and support targets and metrics


  • Support Sales Manager
    with direction, coaching,
    and a motivating sales team
  • Drive, with Sales Manager, sales meetings, 1on1’s, management reviews
  • Lead continuous improvement of structure, processes and tools
  • Ongoing resource to Sales Manager and Leadership.


While there are a few different a la carte items, Focus offers 2 variations on the Co-Sales Manager solution:

Sales Rep Facing:

  • In this model, the Focus Co-Sales Management team is in the “passenger seat” working alongside your Sales Manager directly with the sales reps.
  • On Average: $1250/Sales Rep/month (tiered pricing based on # of sales reps)

Non-Sales Rep Facing:

  • In this model, the Focus Co-Sales Management team works with the Sales Manager from the “back seat” – 80/20, non-Sales Rep facing.
  • $2000-$2750/month (not based on the # of Sales Reps).