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Darren’s Monthly Sales Tips

November/December Tip of the Month

Having Trouble Closing Sales?
More importantly, do you quote not knowing if you are likely going to win?
(Note: I understand some of you are in the RFP world, which is a different beast).
Read this article to get great tips on when and how to quote!

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Let's close some sales before the holidays.

October Tip of the Month

I often get asked ... "what metrics should I measure my sales reps against?"

While every business is different, here are 5 core metrics to consider (beyond closed/won sales):

  • Pipeline
  • Pipeline accuracy
  • Self-generated opportunities (vs those from marketing)
  • % of pipeline newly created this month
  •  Close ratio

September Tip of the Month

With the Fall season starting up, the trade show & event season is also now getting going.  That means more leads.

So … how should you follow up these leads to ensure you maximize your return?  Click here to read how.

August Tip of the Month

Question: If you invest marketing $$$ to generate a lot of leads (website, trade shows, events), who should be following these leads up?

Answer: Sales people want to follow up every lead but in reality, their personality, focus, $$ motivation & priorities, often leave leads getting a quick call or email and nothing else. Most die. Instead, have an Inside role (called a Business Development Rep) to follow up, qualify, nurture, educate and then hand over the leads when “ready”. That could be a week or a year.