How Is Focus Different?

There are lots of companies or people you can hire today to provide you with 1-off services in:

  • Sales Strategy
  • CRM Implementation
  • Sales Training
  • Coaching
  • Marketing support
  • Sales Recruitment

But only Focus bundles it all together as an ongoing partner to our clients.

Why Focus?

  • An ongoing partner – not a service.
  • Decades of Sales Management experience to draw from.
  • 3 dedicated resources assigned to each client – VP, Sales Strategy; Sales Manager; Sales Engineer.
  • One-stop, totally integrated Sales Management solution.
  • A true option when you are “big enough” to need Sales and/or CRM Management but “too small” to afford or warrant it full-time.
  • Focus takes responsibility for sales away from the owner.
  • Open contract with easy out-clause.